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Not sure where to start with the topic of prejudice and stereotypes with your upper middle school/high schoolers? This resource has you covered! With this engaging activity/simulation you start by asking students to review 7 candidates looking for a job in your company. The catch is, they start with only the name!


In each round, they are given details about the candidates. These details pertain to race, gender, age, sexuality, physical and mental ability, and eventually their qualifications for the job. From this activity (and the conversation guide attached) students can see some of the biases and prejudices they might hold and reflect on ways they can be open to the people around them.



-Slideshow presentation (Google Slides)

-Worksheet to go along with the slideshow

-Guided questions page

Great for upper middle school and high schoolers! 7-12!

Stereotypes Activity: Who Would You Hire? (Google Slides) Diversity / Inclusion

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