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QUICK, Need SUB lesson for your health/science class the students will actually like? This resource is perfect for you! It includes a detailed movie guide for the critically-acclaimed documentary "Fed Up" available on multiple streaming platforms. This documentary offers a exploration into the obesity crisis in the United States, highlighting the role of the food industry, the sugar epidemic, and its dire consequences on public health.


About the Documentary

Name: Fed Up

Time: 110 minutes

Where to find: Various streaming platforms

Appropriate age: 13+ best for grades (7-12)

Release Date: 2014


About: "Fed Up" shines a spotlight on the alarming growth of obesity in the US, laying particular emphasis on the pivotal role played by processed foods, sugar consumption, and industry influence. It explores the damaging effects of these factors on public health, especially among young people, prompting viewers to rethink their dietary choices and perceptions of food.


Included: (SEE PREVIEW)

-PDF & Google version if you want it to be a digital lesson

- 17 questions with time stamps

- 3 reflective questions designed to encourage personal thought and deeper discussion about the film's themes and conclusions

-A detailed teacher's key

FED UP: Documentary Movie Guide/ Sub Day for Health Class

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