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Need a no prep Nutritional Guidelines Lesson that will actually engage your students?? Tailored for high school students, this google slides lesson breaks down how dietary recommendations have shifted and evolved over the past century as well as addresses core guidelines for a healthy balanced diet.


Inside This GOOGLE SLIDES Lesson:

  • Historical Exploration: Chart the progression of 8 different nutritional guidelines that have shaped dietary choices over the last 100 years.

  • Deep Dive into Modern Advice: Spotlight on three of the most prominent recent guidelines - the Food Pyramid, MyPlate, and Harvard's Healthy Eating Plate. Understand the science and reasoning behind these popular nutritional models.

  • Interactive Meal Planning: Students aren't just passive learners. They'll actively use the latest dietary guidelines to design balanced, nutritious meals, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application.

  • Critical Thinking Challenges: In an age of information overload, this nutrition lesson emphasizes critical thinking. Students will be encouraged to question, analyze, and reflect on the diverse nutritional advice available today.



-18 Google slides lesson with questions, activities + Video

-2 page follow along worksheet


Why Choose This Lesson? In a world filled with diet fads and ever-changing health advice, it's crucial for students to have a grounded understanding of nutrition. This Google Slides lesson doesn't just relay facts—it prompts students to think, question, and form educated opinions about their food choices. It’s a full lesson designed for minimal prep – simply print and go or share digitally. Ideal for educators seeking an engaging and interactive nutrition lesson for upper middle school or high school classrooms.

Nutritional Guidelines: MyPlate - Google Slides - Middle / High School

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