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Are you wanting to teach suicide awareness for your high school health class but you're not sure the best way to start? I've been there and this resource is my solution! I like to start off with a full discussion on how knowledge is one of the best preventions of suicide. With this as an opening, I hand out the WebQuest for my students and put them in pairs to go over the World In Data Suicide website where they can view data from around the world on suicide.


The website is well organzied and has countless interactive charts that span different time periods, countries, ages, and other various factors. This WebQuest is full of critical thinking questions that help the students not only read the charts and data but think deeply about what it's telling us about our society.



-2 page PDF WebQuests

-Google Slide WebQuest

-Teacher's Key


This activity takes a full class period and not all of the students will finish so it's great to assign as homework after. I recommend this resource for grades 9-12.

Suicide Awareness / Prevention WebQuest for High School Health , Mental Health

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