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What better way to teach the main 15 birth control methods than with a proper face-off? This Google Slides + printable birth control/contraception activity provides high school students with all the information they need, from cost, side effects, gendered use, effectiveness, pros, cons, and protection from STIs for common birth control methods.


With this information, they need to chart, rank, and think critically about which methods lead to safe sex and which ones are a pass. Factors compared / charted include cost, effectiveness, side effects, and gendered use.



  • 25 Interactive Google Slides
  • Printable worksheets with information and activities
  • Teacher's Key

Birth Control Methods Mentioned:

Birth control pills, Contraceptive patch, Vaginal ring, Injectable birth control, Implant, IUD copper, IUD hormonal, Male condom, Female condom, Abstinence, Spermicide, Emergency contraception, Fertility awareness methods, Withdrawal method, Vasectomy.

Ways to Use:

  • Self-guided digital activity
  • Homework
  • In-class group work


Educational Value:

  • Grade Levels: Suitable for health classes in grades 9-12, tailored to the educational needs of high school students.
  • Curriculum Alignment: Aligns with National Health Education Standards (NHES), focusing on:
  • Standard 1: Understanding health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Standard 5: Enhancing health through decision-making skills.
  • Standard 7: Practicing health-enhancing behaviors and reducing health risks.

Learning Objectives:

  • Educate students on birth control methods, detailing their use, effectiveness, and side effects.
  • Promote critical thinking by comparing methods based on cost, effectiveness, and side effects.
  • Encourage informed decision-making in sexual health to foster responsible health choices.

Birth Control / Contraceptives Digital Activity - Sexual Health Lesson for Teens

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