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Enjoy this FUN and EASY collaboration game that all my students are crazy for.. it never gets old! It's a game based on the prisoner's dilemma which is all about learning to cooperate rather than compete. As two teams work against one another to “get the most points” they must learn to either risk it all or work together!! Hint: there's a twist at the end.


This game takes around 45 mins however it can easily be shortened or lengthened based on how many rounds you choose. It requires no preparation other than printing off the 2 cards and for the rest, you just sit back and let the students run the show. As I mentioned, it's SO EASY even my younger grades can understand. Regardless of the age, it is engaging and thought-provoking!




- 5-page PDF

-20 google slides to follow along

-Points chart handout

-Teacher's instructions

-Card Cutouts

Collaboration GAME: Steal or Share (Prisoner's Dilemma)

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