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Teach high school students about communication skills with this engaging stations activity that has them leading the discussions!


Communication skills cannot be learned through lectures, they need to be practiced and given real world examples. That's why I created this fun resource that will let you sit back while the students roleplay, discuss, and practice various communication skills.


This activity will takes around 45-60 mins and will include very little preparation on your part :) Just print, pass out and arrange the stations (2 envelopes are needed). Best for High School Students but it is also great for Middle School. Check the preview before you buy to make sure it makes your classes needs.


Station 1- Learn how to actively listen/ask clarifying questions/give clear instructions

Station 2- Learn how to give/receive constructive feedback

Station 3- Learn the importance of non-verbals with a fun emoji challenge

Station 4- Learn how to set boundaries in 4 different roleplays

Communication Skills Stations Activity - High School SEL

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