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With this fun and interactive google slides constructive criticism lesson, you will prepare your class for both receiving and giving constructive feedback. The examples and role plays are academic as well as personal/friendship examples making sure the content is relatable to their lives + it might make everyone laugh too! This resource is made for grades 7-12.

In my classes, I try and make humor a large part of our learning. With that in mind, I created the slides to have memes and examples that will make the class smile and want to focus on each and every slide.


Let's Break it Down:

✏️ 35+ Engaging Google Slides w/ 5 roleplays

✏️ 2 Page Worksheet both PDF form & Editable Google Slides

✏️ Covers topics like Intercultural Communication and Fixed/Growth mindsets

Constructive Criticism, No Prep Lesson w/ Role-plays Giving / Receiving Feedback

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