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Have your class be conflict resolution experts with this Cultural Appropriation Simulation! Students will begin by reading the simulation background about an annual Halloween dance that is causing quite the stir. There is a large conflict between several different groups concerning what is culture appropriation vs. culture appreciation and what clothes should be allowed for the dance. Groups will be given roles in this community conflict and their job is to protect that group’s needs and SAVE THE SCHOOL DANCE!


I love this activity because I can sit back and watch the students run the show. It is such an engaging conversation that helps students see the deeper needs of various groups while learning how to stand up and communicate their needs.


There is little preparation needed other than printing and distributing roles.



  • Teachers instructions
  • Student Instructions
  • Simulation Background
  • Timetable handout (editable w/ google doc)
  • Roleplay Cards
  • Optional Special Role Cards
  • Debriefing Questions


This activity can take anywhere from 45min to 120min depending on how much time you'd like for the preparation phase. I provided an editable google doc that allows you to adjust the time to meet your needs.

Cultural Appropriation Simulation : Conflict Resolution Group Activity

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