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Welcome to the Cyber Safety Escape Room, where tackling scams, cyberbullying, and privacy risks is more than just a lesson – it's a game high schoolers will LOVE. Trust me, this isn't a simple game, it will require your students to really pay attention to solve it... which makes it all the more fun!


The Mission: There’s been a data breach, and it’s up to your students to solve who did it. The catch? No one leaves until the mystery is solved. They’ll dive into riddles, puzzles, and ciphers, all while navigating the ins and outs of cyber safety.


Teacher-Friendly, Student-Approved: I know, setting up escape rooms can be a bit of a maze. But don’t sweat it. I’ve got you covered with super clear instructions, a handy printing guide PLUS VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS if you're anything like me and hate written instructions.


What You’ll Need:

  • 6 folders or envelopes (or 12 for a bigger groups more than 15 students)
  • Students will need a phone or tablets for QR codes and web clues – just one per group works!
  • A color printer – because this game is color coded!

Time Needed? You’ll need about 20 minutes to prep (think cutting, stuffing envelopes - the usual escape room prep stuff). And in my experience with a class of 16? It's a solid 50 minutes.


Age Group: Like I mentioned, this is challenging! Most of my groups finish but it requires a lot of thought so I think this activity is best for 9-12th graders, any younger grades might get stumped.

Cyber Safety Escape Room for High Schoolers / Social Media Safety

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