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This Google Slides intro lesson + Editable activity is a great way to teach students about the dangers of stimulant drugs in an engaging way. After a fun warm up and google slides intro, they are to imagine they are doctors given 5 patient reports and they must look into each case and determine which drug that patient most likely took.


This activity has 2 different difficulty levels. If you are short on time you can give the students the stimulant chart that has info about each drug. OR you can give them the blank chart and they must research each drug. It takes anywhere from 40-60 minutes and is best for grades 9-12.


Google Slides Intro Includes:

-3 quick fire warm up questions

-Definition of stimulants

-Examples of stimulants

-Video on impact on the body

-Video on adderall misuse in teens

-Intro slide to activity



Activity includes (PDF or Editable Google Slides)

-Teacher's Instructions

-5 patient reports

-Stimulant drug chart

-Blank drug chart


-Teachers Key

Dangers of Drugs Activity: What Drug Did They Take!? Digital Stimulants Lesson

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