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Need a fun (zero prep) way to teach empathy / compassionate responses online or in-person?? I've got you!! Skills in emotional intelligence and SEL are ones that cannot simply be taught. They come with time and practice, and this resource will help allow your students to practice the skill of empathy in a safe environment.


Students will not only learn the crucial elements in giving empathetic responses, but they will reflect on failed attempts at empathy and have the chance to roleplay what they've learned. It's fun, it's thought-provoking, and all my students have learned a lot from this lesson/activity. It's best used on upper middle schoolers and high schoolers.



-45 Google Slides w/ videos embedded in the notes

-6 Roleplays

-4 Digital Worksheets (google slides)

-3 Printable Worksheets

-Handout- Signs to use for roleplays

Empathy / Empathetic Responses : No Prep Digital SEL Lesson and Worksheets

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