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This Cannabis / Marijuana resource has everything you need to teach your 7-12th grade students about the nature of cannabis. There is a google slides lesson you can use for teaching your class along with a PDF worksheet (KEY INCLUDED) for your students to follow along, OR you can assign the Google Slides Self Learning resource so the students can independently learn and fill in the slides as they go. (Watch the preview to see.)


The google slides are engaging with discussion questions that ask for students' opinions, along with quick-fire questions for review, case study videos and an animated video showing the effect of cannabis.


Content in slides:

-Names for cannabis

-Ways people use cannabis

-Effects of cannabis on the brain


-Negative effects of cannabis on adolescent brains

-Cannabis dependence / withdrawals

-Medical benefits of cannabis

-Dangers of illegal cannabis/synthetics

-Case study of a teenager using cannabis

-Quick-fire review questions



✨ Google slides lesson (22 slides)

✨ Google Slides self-guided lesson with editable slides (22 Slides)

✨ PDF follow-along worksheet (2 pages)

✨ KEY for worksheet (2 pages)


This lesson takes anywhere from 45-60 minutes depending on the discussions!


The MANY ways to use this resource!

-Lecture-based lesson with PDF worksheet

-Remote learning (assign and make a copy)

-Group work

-Independent learning (assign and make a copy)


Cannabis / Marijuana Google Slides Lesson + Self Guided lesson +Worksheet 7-12

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