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Wanting to teach High School Nutrition but all the resources are outdated or just plain boring? This Nutrition 101 Google Slides resource is for you and your class. With over 70 Google Slides, students will delve into the world of nutrition in a manner that encourages mindfulness and appreciation towards their bodies. My lessons emphasize eating foods that boost strength, energy, and mood. Food is powerful, and I've designed these lessons with passion and excitement to convey that to my students.


Specific topics covered:

  • Macro & Micro Nutrients: Dive into carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Healthy Eating & Gut Health: Understand the essentials of a balanced diet and the significance of gut health.
  • Deep Dive into Macronutrients: Explore the sources and effects of proteins, carbs, and fats on our well-being.
  • Intuitive Eating: The art of tuning into body cues.
  • Changes in Nutritional Guidelines: Stay updated with evolving dietary recommendations.
  • Processed Foods: The lowdown on convenience foods.
  • Sugar's Effect On The Body: Unravel how sugar impacts us beyond the sweet taste.


Format: Packed with discussion questions, interactive activities, informative videos, and a bonus in-depth article for a comprehensive understanding of nutrition.



  • 70+ Google Slides
  • Interactive questions
  • Group-based hands-on activities
  • Detailed article
  • Educational videos
  • Occasional instructor's notes


This content is tailored for three lessons and is ideal for grades 7-12.

High School Nutrition 101: Google Slides

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