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Looking for a interesting and in-depth SUB lesson for your health class? Try this movie guide along with the Netflix show, Live To 100: Secrets Of The Blue Zones. Episode 3". This episode provides an in-depth examination of the secrets and lifestyles of communities around the world where people live longer, healthier lives, emphasizing the importance of diet, community, and daily rituals.


About the Episode

Name: Live To 100: Secrets Of The Blue Zones. Episode 3

Time: 39 minutes

Where to find: Netflix

Appropriate age: 13+ best for grades (7-12)

Release Date: August 2023

About: "Bluezones: Live to 100 Episode 3" ventures into regions around the world known as "Blue Zones" where people frequently live past the age of 100. It delves into the unique diets, social structures, daily practices, and lifestyles that contribute to their longevity. Viewers are encouraged to reflect on their personal habits and consider changes to enhance their own health and well-being.



  • PDF & Google Slides version for flexible teaching methods
  • 19 insightful questions with time stamps
  • 3 reflective questions crafted to prompt personal reflection and enriching discussions
  • A comprehensive teacher's key

Live to 100: The Secrets Of The Blue Zones. Netflix Movie Guide. Nutrition

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