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Let's Make Period Talk Fun and Hands-On, Shall We? I created "Go with the FLOW," a menstrual cycle board game, to connect what is biologically happening in our bodies during our cycle with its effects on OUR LIVES, OUR EMOTIONS, and OUR FRIENDSHIPS. This is the game I wish I had as a teen. This printable and interactive resource is designed to make your health / sexual health class memorable, informative and engaging instead of awkward and mostly silent.


Educational Value:

  • Grade Levels: Suitable for health classes in grades 6-10. (But honestly, I played this with my 34 year-old partner, and he learned a lot, so I think even older grades can benefit.)
  • Learning Objectives: Includes clear teacher instructions aligned with National Health Education Standards (NHES).


How the Game Works: Students collaboratively (small group activity) track the 28-day menstrual cycle using the Google Slides presentation along with their Flow Board, 24 Care Cards, and Score Sheet. Aligned with each day of the cycle, they learn about hormonal changes and how it impacts their everyday life. They then select the appropriate Care Cards (tampons, leafy greens, workouts, heating pads, etc.) that meet the day's needs. However, they start with only five Care Cards in hand and can earn more by answering questions on the Flow Fact Faceoff Slides. Each Care Card used = 1 pt. Win by having the most points at the end of the cycle.



  • 24 Care Cards
  • 49 Google Slides (2 videos included)
  • Score Cards
  • Printable Game Board
  • Comprehensive Teacher Guide with NHES objectives
  • Easy Prep Printing Chart


Teacher Setup: Simply use the provided printing chart to print and laminate the necessary materials. Cut out the Care Cards, distribute them along with the game boards, and start the activity.


Topics Covered:

  • Menstrual Cycle Education: The 28-Day Cycle, Luteal & Follicular Phases
  • Symptoms Management: Identifying and managing PMS symptoms
  • Personal Health: Hygiene Products, Exercise for Menstrual Comfort
  • Scientific Understanding: Ovulation, Common Period Myths, Charting Menstrual Cycles


Duration: Designed to fit perfectly into a 50-minute class period

Menstruation Board Game - Track 28 Day Period Cycle - Sexual Health For Teens

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