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Explore nutrition and longevity in a fresh, engaging way with the Blue Zones Nutrition Exploration Project. This project dives into the five longevity hotspots known as the Blue Zones: Sardinia (Italy), Okinawa (Japan), Loma Linda (California, USA), Nicoya Peninsula (Costa Rica), and Ikaria (Greece).


Students will research a Blue Zone of their choice, examining the typical diet, lifestyle factors, and cultural customs that contribute to longevity. They will compare these findings with the average American diet and lifestyle, identifying key differences. As a creative component, students will also create an original recipe inspired by their chosen Blue Zone.


This product includes:

  • A detailed PDF project guide with step-by-step instructions

  • A research worksheet to help students organize their findings

  • A project rubric for easy and comprehensive grading

  • A Google Slides version for editing if needed


By the end of this project, students will gain a deeper understanding of nutrition, health, and the cultural factors that contribute to longevity. They'll also develop their research and presentation skills, and maybe even discover a new favorite recipe!


Suitable for high school health, nutrition, or world cultures classes. Aligned with Common Core research and presentation standards.

Nutrition Blue Zones Research Project, Study the Habits of the Healthiest People

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