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Explore the globe's five Blue Zones with your upper middle school / high school students and unearth the secrets to longevity and well-being. This Google Slides-based virtual field trip offers the students the freedom to select their preferred destinations and engage with the content and materials. It's best for health class or any nutrition unit!


It's an interactive journey filled with videos, articles, and activities that students can explore and participate in. Students will be challenged to analyze, compare and contrast, compose writings, and collect data, which makes the activity both fun and educational. It's designed to take up a full class period.


Each student will receive their individual copy accompanied by clear instructions. Likewise, teachers will be provided with their own guidance. It's an exciting, engaging way to teach students about global health patterns. There are 39 slides.


It's best for upper middles school and high school. 

Nutrition Blue Zones Virtual Field Trip: Live Past 100!

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