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Engage your students in an exciting, real-world nutrition simulation with this PDF/GOOGLE SLIDES Nutrition Challenge! In this interactive activity, students will face the task of selecting food for a month-long sea voyage, with only the capacity to carry 10 items with them. They'll need to consider the shelf life, preparation ease, and most importantly, the nutritional value of each food.


This product includes:

-Detailed activity instructions for students + teachers

-Google slides intro to set the stage-A list of 25+ different food items, both healthy and less so, that students can select

-Nutrition Cards for each food item, detailing their macro and micronutrient content

-A nutritional needs guide/checklist and a set of reflective questions to help students think critically about their choices and a balanced diet


This resource is designed to spark thoughtful discussions about nutrition, food choices, and their impacts on our health and well-being.


By the end of the activity, students will gain a better understanding of how to balance dietary needs with real-world constraints. Ideal for high school health or nutrition classes, and takes anywhere from 45-60 min.

Nutrition Challenge, Meal Planning Activity for High Schoolers

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