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Are you looking for an engaging high school nutrition activity? This Nutrition Scavenger hunt is exactly that! This interactive scavenger hunt educates students on understanding nutrition facts, recognizing deceptive food marketing, and making healthy eating choices.


What's Included in this High School Health Lesson:

  • 20 Realistic Food Label Cards: From grocery store labels of popular packaged foods
  • Nutrition Label Scavenger Hunt Worksheet: 11 Challenges
  • Health and Nutrition Reflection Questions: Encourage students to reflect on healthy eating habits as well as the food industries' marketing tactics
  • Teacher's Guide for Easy Implementation: Step-by-step lesson plan with intro video for class
  • Teachers Key


Learning Objectives for this High School Health Activity:

  • Interpret food nutrition labels.
  • Understand marketing strategies in food packaging.
  • Develop skills for making informed and healthy food choices.
  • Encourage critical thinking in health and nutritional science.


How to Use this Nutrition Label Activity in Your Classroom:

Perfect for health education, nutrition lessons, home economics, or science classes. This nutrition scavenger hunt can be a standalone lesson or part of a larger unit on healthy eating, food science, or consumer education. This activity takes 45-60 minutes.

Nutrition Labels Scavenger Hunt- High School Lesson

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