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Introduce the effects of food on your body with this Meal Match Card Game! This resource will enable your students to learn about the relationship between different types of food and their health benefits while also having fun!

Product Content
60 Food Cards: Foods with their nutritional benefits (both in color and in B&W)

40 Situation Cards: Various situations related to food choices

Student Instructions

Teacher Instructions


How to Play
In this game, the objective is for students to get rid of all their food cards by accurately matching them to different situations. The first player draws a situation card, such as "feeling tired," and must then play a food card that matches the situation, explaining why their choice is beneficial. If they don't have a matching card, they draw one from the deck and the next player takes their turn. The first player to use all their cards is the winner!


Learning Outcomes
Through "Meal Match" students will:

  • Gain a better understanding of nutrition and how different foods can contribute to their health and wellbeing in various situations.
  • Develop strategic thinking and decision-making skills.
  • Enhance their cooperative learning and communication skills as they articulate their choices and engage in group discussions.
  • Apply their learning to real-world situations, promoting conscious and informed food choices.


This resource is a perfect addition to any health, science, or life skills curriculum, offering a unique and engaging way to educate students about nutrition. I would recommend it for grades 7-12. It takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on how many rounds you play.

Nutrition UNO Card Game: Meal Match (Middle School + High School Health)

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