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Our teens are basically living in a whole other world behind screens. Do they have the life skills yet to know when too much screen time is really TOO MUCH? Do they know about the dangers of phone addiction, cyber safety & impacts of social media on their mental health? Time to get them to hit pause on the scrolling, just for a bit, and really think about where they're hanging out online. 

Imagine if Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat were actual places you could walk into. What's the vibe like in there? Would you wanna hang out all day, or just pop in and out? This 14 google slides lesson with 3 worksheets is all about getting your students to map out their day-to-day online journeys as if they were actual spots on a map. We're diving deep, asking how these places make them feel, and whether they're chill spots or kinda draining their energy.


With this activity, it's not just about "you spend too much time on your phone." It's more like, "Hey, let's check out where you're spending your time and see how it's really impacting you." It's a chance for them to break it down, spot by spot, and figure out what's really worth their time and what's maybe not.


-14 engaging google slides

-A 6min TedTalk video

-Follow along worksheets + reflection questions



  • Increased Awareness: Helps students understand the extent of their phone use and its effects on their daily lives.
  • Critical Thinking: Promotes critical thinking about digital consumption and encourages healthier online habits.
  • Engagement: Designed to keep students engaged with interactive elements and compelling visuals.
  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrates into any digital literacy curriculum or as a standalone activity.


This activity takes around 45 min and is best for grades 7-12.

Screen Time Activity - Mapping Online Life | Life Skills & Phone Addiction

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