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Skip the movie day this year on the day before (spring, winter, or summer) break, it's time for some team building fun in your classroom with this Escape Room: Traveler's Edition. Your students will have to solve 6 puzzles/challenges to reveal their final location.


The Mission: You've won a free trip for break but you don't know where you're going and you can't find your flight ticket! You have till the flight boards to collect clues and find out where you're going.


Teacher-Friendly, Student-Approved: I know, setting up escape rooms can be a bit of a maze. But don’t sweat it. I’ve got you covered with super clear instructions, a handy printing guide PLUS VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS if you're anything like me and hate written instructions.


What You’ll Need:

  • 5 folders or envelopes (or 10 for a bigger groups more than 15 students)
  • A color printer – because this game is color coded!
  • Laminator (You'll want to laminate these cards to use year after year)


Time Needed? You’ll need about 15-20 minutes to prep (think cutting, stuffing envelopes - the usual escape room prep stuff). And in my experience with a class of 16? The actual game takes a solid 50 minutes.


Age Group: 7-10th grade but older groups will still have fun with it, it just might take them a bit less time.




Longitude & latitude activity

Puzzling Clues Activity

Packing Activity

Map Activity

Spring Break Escape Room | Team Building Activity For Middle + High Schoolers

$6.50 Regular Price
$5.53Sale Price
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