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Let's talk about mental health! This google slides activity + lesson allows students to practice talking about mental health through roleplays/simulation. They will learn ways they can help a friend who is struggling with their mental health as well as learn about available resources. This resource also talks about about suicide prevention and places to seek help for both suicidal ideation and suicidal intent.


This activity + lesson takes up a full 50min lesson and requires ZERO PREPARATION + it's paper-free. This lesson can be used both online and In-person. (When using online I suggest having breakout rooms with each pair and sending out the links to the timer)



-30 Unique and informative google slides

-4 roleplay case studies with slides for feedback

-Writing Prompt

-2 videos

-Slides with resources and places to reach out for help

-Suicide Prevention Slides

-Instruction slide for teacher


I use this for my 8-10th grade health classes however, it is appropriate for grades 7-12.

Talking About Mental Health: ZERO PREP (Google Slide) High School Activity

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