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Get ready to unravel the process of carbohydrate digestion with this hands-on activity! Most digestion lessons are a bit boring, but this one will get your students out if their chairs and seeing how amazing our bodies actually are at making energy from food.


Your students will journey through 5 stations, each representing a different stage of carbohydrate digestion (mouth, esophogus, stomach, intestines, bloodstream). They are given a carbohydrate and watch it transform through the stages of digestion, gaining insights about the roles of different enzymes, the effects of pH, and the importance of glucose.

Each round adds a new layer of understanding, revealing the details of our digestive system, including what happens when there's too much glucose in the body. With this activity (and the accompanying worksheet), students will grasp the complexity of carbohydrate digestion and reflect on how the body turns food into energy.



Detailed teacher instructions
Worksheets to track the journey
Station instructions with pictures
Printable labels for props
Materials needed: This activity does require some preparation

Playdough or slime (Chyme)
3 Containers (representing the "Intestines" "Bloodstream, and Fat Cells")
Printed worksheet
Printed station instructions

This activity takes up a 45-60 min lesson. Ideal for upper middle school and high school students! Suitable for grades 7-12!

The Journey of a Carbohydrate: High School Health Simulation/Station Activity

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