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Explore the fascinating, bizarre, and sometimes dangerous world of diet culture with this no-prep, engaging Google Slides presentation! Spanning 38 comprehensive slides, this interactive lesson encourages students to delve into both past and current diet trends, highlighting their origins, their appeal, and the associated health risks.


From the Tapeworm Diet to the Ice Cream Diet, to the latest trends on TikTok, students will gain an understanding of how diet culture evolves and the misinformation that can accompany it. This resource is designed to spark group discussions, critical thinking, and to encourage students to question the health claims they encounter online.

Perfectly tailored for upper middle school and high school students, this presentation not only aligns with health and nutrition curriculum standards but also equips students with the necessary knowledge to navigate the complex world of dietary trends in the digital age.


This no-prep, easy-to-follow lesson is not just informative, but also fun, engaging, and thought-provoking. It's a must-have for teachers looking to introduce their students to the history of diet culture, critical health literacy, and the impact of social media on health beliefs and behaviors.



NO Prep Required: Ready-to-use slides for easy implementation.

Engaging and Interactive: Encourages group discussions and critical thinking.

Relevant and Current: Addresses modern issues like the impact of social media and diet culture.

Comprehensive: Covers a range of weird diets throughout history, teaching about their risks and the misinformation spread about them.

Educational and Fun: A perfect blend of learning and engagement, keeping students interested while imparting important knowledge.

The Truth about Fad Diets: No-Prep Nutrition/Health Lesson on Diet Culture

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