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Back To School For Middle/High School Health Teachers!

Are you on the roller coaster of being excited for the new school year and hoping it doesn’t start just yet? I get you. I’ve always been the teacher who had my back-to-school outfit ready since July, all the while saying, "I need a longer summer." Wherever you are in the roller coaster, HELLO!

high school health resources
which one are you?

Let’s talk back to school for health teachers, shall we

If you're like me, you're wanting to find the unicorn of health curriculum for teens.

I'm talking...

-High quality NHES aligned resources

-Easy to set up activities

-Step by step, day by day teaching guide

MOST IMPORTANTLY activities your students 100% approve of because they are FUN, and EMPOWERING!

I couldn't find that magical unicorn... so created my own.

high school health resources

I've been working on this growing semester long bundle for years. It's full of activities, lessons, games, assessments, and projects that make your health class the cool table.

Why this bundle over the others?

Can I brag for a moment? I worked so hard on this semester curriculum to make it truly STUDENT-CENTERED. It’s hands-on, project-based learning that I haven't seen fully in other health products before. I found lots of great PowerPoint resources and worksheets from other health teachers on TPT, but I've never seen the kinds of games that I could use year after year. Plus, Gen Z is so visual and I couldn't find well designed resources in the style and tone that they resonate with.

I made these activities to be the kind your students ASK TO DO. My entire goal with my resources is for your teens to find healthy living COOL. My health class isn’t a lecture. It’s a safe space for them to explore how their choices impact their life through simulations and scenario-based learning.

If you’re into that, then I say dive in and go for the full semester! But let’s say you're not sure you want to spend all that money. I get it, I’ve gotten some resources before that just didn’t match my students' needs and I couldn’t use them. How about you try some of my smaller resources so you can see how I set up my curriculum.

high school health resources

I think my best unit is this Nutrition Unit. It shows a variety of the type of project-based, student-centered activities I’m talking about.

Still not sure? All good, how about we just go straight for a freebie? This is a goodie that my class loves. It’s a mental health simulation all based on coping tools needed for various common life situations. Take a look!

high school health resources

Okay y'all, enough convincing. I just want your health class to be it's best this year and I know what works for my students and teaching style. I hope it will work with yours too!!

Enjoy the Sun!

Katie P.S Hopefully, you’ve seen my email on how to get free credits from leaving reviews. If you haven’t, here’s a video for you to see. Don’t mind the loud music in the background, cafe life.

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