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Five Ice Breakers For Your Classroom | Little to NO PREP

Updated: Feb 10

We are touching the half-way point of the school year with our tippy toes! This year has flown by for me, which I can't say for every year. But, it's around this time that the routine has been made and lessons can get a tad bit more boring.. mainly because I'm tired and lost the start-of-the-year momentum. Something I have found that helps a lot though to wake everyone back up, me included, are ICE BREAKERS.

Just a 5 minute activity to get everyone out of their seats or laughing brings the joy of teaching back for me. So, I've complied some of my favorites that require little to no prep at all to add a little something to your classroom.

a man looking at time for an ice breaker game

1. The One-Word Story:

Sit in a circle and start a story with just one word. Each student adds one word in turn, weaving a story as you go. It’s quick, fun, and often hilariously unpredictable.

2. Today I Feel:

Hand out paper and pens. Give everyone 30 seconds to draw their internal state for the day. I draw an abstract example of a ball, for example, and say, "I feel I am always in motion and never quite stopping." Then, let them do the same and give them the option to quickly share their sketch and explain it to the class. It's a great way to listen to how everyone is feeling, and let’s face it, some of those drawings can be comedy gold.

3. The Mysterious Handshake:

Pair up students and have them invent a unique, three-step handshake. Give them a minute to practice, then perform for the class. It’s a goofy way to get them interacting and sparks creativity right off the bat.

4. The TP Tell-All: (this one is a classic)

Pass around a roll of toilet paper and tell everyone to take as much as they need. Once everyone has their TP, reveal that for each square they have to share one fun fact about themselves. It's a great lesson in taking only what you need and always gets a few giggles.

5. Team Challenges

Make a short trivia quiz with no more than 8 questions & group everyone up. Put the timer on and say, "Which team will finish the fastest?" Some healthy competition is always welcome in my classroom. The products below are an example of my go-to trivia quizzes.

an ice breaker educational resource game

An educational resource game ice breaker

Do you have any good ones you want to share? Write in the comments below if you have any in mind, I'm always on the hunt for new ones!

Teach On!


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