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Period Talk with Preteens / Teens : Menstruation Board Game

My first time teaching menstruation to 6th graders went a little like this... the boys mostly had their heads down, pretending the desk was the most fascinating thing they’d ever seen. The girls were somewhat attentive but didn't really jump in much with answers or questions. Overall, it was just a bit awkward. Teaching sexual health or about our bodies doesn’t make me feel awkward at all—I can chat about anything with ZERO embarrassment. Hence me loving being a health teacher. BUT, I know not everyone's like that, especially in front of their peers and at that age where everything is just embarrassing, especially when talking about puberty and bloody tampons.

So, I did my due diligence, hitting the web looking for something to make it easier, and I found a period board game. It looked amazing!! I was stoked about the idea of making it fun and game-like. But then I saw the SOLD OUT sign and half of me was sad and the other half relieved because I wasn’t too keen on spending a bunch of money on something I’d use once or twice a year.

This got me thinking, why not make my own!? Why not create a version that anyone can order from home and just print off/use Google Slides? Why not turn it into a lesson within a game and cover all the topics they’re scared to talk about!? I did.. And here’s what I came up with.

This is the Go with the FLOW period board game. The goal is simple, get through the 28-day cycle with the most points. Points are scored by matching a care card with the day of the cycle. For example, on day 2 of your cycle, you're going to need some tampons.. In your hand, you have 5 care cards, ranging from leafy greens & heavy workout, to period cups & ibuprofen. If you don’t have the card that matches that day’s needs, it’s time for the FLOW FACTS FACEOFF.

FLOW FACTS FACEOFF is all trivia questions about periods! How much we bleed each period, how Olympians train during that time of the month, what happens when two eggs split… if the students nail the trivia questions, they get to draw another card. Let’s hope it's the right card because that could be a big point!

This game is a blend of science-based facts along with daily tips and tricks to help menstruating students handle their period! I wish I had this as a teen! And now I have the chance to make their experience just a tad less awkward and WAY MORE informative!!!

Give it a try!! You can get it on my website or my TPT shop!!

Teach On,


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