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Cyber Safety Escape Room for Teens | High School Activity

Updated: Feb 27

I'll be real with you, this activity took ages to make. BUT it is finally here and ready for your classroom.

Let me explain why this took so long.. I've tried many different escape rooms in the classroom and I find they are super difficult for me to set up. They are 40+ pages of printing AND cutting and then they feel like lots of disconnected puzzles. Sure, the students enjoyed it but it rarely felt educational + it took A LOT of prep on my side. Ain't no body got time for that.

(Footage of me preparing for my classes 2 min before the bell rings.)

So.. why not spend MONTHS making 1 escape room that will beat the rest? Doesn't make sense to me either but here I am having made a great escape room along with a friend of mine, Amy Fisher, who is a professional escape room maker. (Isn't that the best job title!?)

This escape room is EDUCATIONAL and teaches teens skills in cyber safety and healthy online behavior. It has 6 puzzles and 1 meta puzzle focused on Scams, Cyber Bullying, Privacy Risks, and Digital Footprints.

The Mission: There’s been a data breach, and it’s up to your students to solve who did it. The catch? No one leaves until the mystery is solved. Which of the three suspects do you think it is?

cyber safety

The intro for this activity is on google slides (less paper to print) and each group gets a worksheet that has sections for the 6 puzzles that leads to the end meta puzzle.

cyber safety for teens

Preparation: You'll need 6 envelopes (or 12 if you have a big class) and to cut out the puzzles for each envelope. Hide them around the room, print out the worksheet for the groups along with a clue card... and that's it! I even made video instructions so it's extra clear. (I hate written instructions)

Now sit back, and let your students do the rest! They will leave the room having learned how to:

  • Recognize Privacy Risks

  • Understand Cyber Bullying

  • Identify and Avoid Scams

  • Promote Healthy Online Behavior


You can purchase it on my TPT SHOP or Right Here on this page.

cyber safety for teens

Let me know how it goes!! I wanna hear how fast your student's solved the mystery!

Teach On,


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